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Why Choose Us?

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Expanding your business internationally, especially to a region on the other side of the world is a major challenge for any company. The more so if your company has limited infrastructure in Asia and few managers with experience of doing business in Asia.

Asiasetup provides processes and experienced personnel for the critical stages of your project so you benefit from our knowledge and network, and avoid the costly commitment of full time expat and local personnel until your requirements are clear.  This allows you to minimise your start up costs, avoid false starts and quickly get to the correct setup your organisation needs.

For companies who already do business in Asia, you may be experiencing some difficulties with your business partners, distributors or suppliers.  We can troubleshoot problems on your behalf, identify the root causes, advise on the solutions and then implement the changes for you. In this way you can tackle the root of your problems without diverting valuable management resources. Whatever the stage of development of your Asia strategy you can benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience.

With considerable experience in manufacturing in Asia we have developed processes to identify, audit, manage and then monitor Asia manufacturers for offshore manufacturing programs so that you are able to select the best suppliers for your components and materials.

We work closely with Government organisations in the Consulates, Chambers of Commerce and local Governments to access the support and assistance they provide, while covering the areas that their charters do not allow them support. In this way we can provide a seamless and cost effective service making the best of all the elements available.

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