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Doing business in Asia,  is rarely as straight forward as in the developed countries in the world. There may be restrictions on foreign ownership, protection of certain industries and other restrictive business practices.  

Therefore its import to be clear exactly what you want from the business as certain company structures or locations may not allow you to operate as you want and you can waste a lot of time and money going down blind alleys.

Additionally there are other key questions to answer. Is the market ready for your products and services? Where should you set up? Should you set up your own operations or find a local partner?

Asiasetup can help you define your Asia entry strategy and then implement it so you get straight to the set up you need, cost effectively and without the long term burden of hiring permanent employees to manage the set up process.  

We can support exploratory visits, market surveys, feasibility studies and execute a range of projects including company formation, managing your recruitment program , office and factory selection, tax registration, opening bank accounts, applying for local business loans, registering trademarks, seting up local websites, supporting promotional programs, brochures, stationary etc.

If resources or potential are limited, you may prefer an indirect  presence.  If so we can help you locate and select distributors or agents and formalise your relationship with them.

If you are interested in discussing the options and possibilities with us please email us as and we will be pleased to meet you and develop a proposal to suit your needs.