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Your customers are pushing you hard for cost reductions that cannot be met. You have already done everything you can think of to defend margins; new products and marketing plans, efficiency improvements and supplier re-negotiations, but margin pressure is still relentless. You may have already tried sourcing items from low cost sources with mixed results.  You will have heard about the savings from purchasing in Asia, no doubt you have also heard horror stories of poor quality, unreliable supply and loss of IP.

At Asiasetup we understand this dilemma.   There are many excellent suppliers in Asia, but it is a ‘needle in a haystack’ game.  Additionally, not all components and demand profiles are suitable for offshore manufacturing.  Selecting the right supplier and components, while managing the impact on your existing supply chain, demands rigorous planning, disciplined process and iron determination.

Asiasetup can help you to:

  • Identify which of your materials and components are suitable for offshore manufacturing.
    Estimate the expected savings and logistics costs.
    Identify and evaluate suitable suppliers, or recommend suppliers we have worked with before.
  • Identify the risks and advise risk reduction strategies.
    Help you plan and execute your change program and ensure back-up strategies are in place.
  • Co-ordinate your sampling and test program.
  • Set-up your supply route and organise ongoing third party inspection arrangements.
  • Investigate and audit existing suppliers, troubleshoot and expedite supply problems.
Specialist areas include;

  • Machined parts.
  • Raw and machined castings.
  • Sheet metal components, small fabrications and stampings.
  • Wiring looms, circuit boards and electrical assemblies.
  • Transformers, electric motors, keypads and other electrical components.
  • Computer Display screens.
  • Engineering components and hardware.
If you are interested in discussing the options and possibilities with us please email us as and we will be pleased to meet you and develop a proposal to suit your needs.